It also emphasized Simmons’ current position

Let’s talk about the ball, because it was said before that Simmons’ program was specially made for Simmons’ program. It also emphasized Simmons’ current position, ah, is it right to play point guard?

Now some netizens said that Simmons played point guard, yesterday against Liang Dade, and was as strong as a raptor in the fierce defense. The defense is raptors. Er, how about seven mistakes? I think seven mistakes are also a record breaking record. Simmons can play the position of point guard, but if you really use him. For Simmons, there is less room for improvement in the future. Simmons should develop to James.

What kind of player is James? He is an organized small forward, but you can’t use him as a guard. Simmons’ template is James, not magic for several months. Why? Because Simmons has no projection ability. Did you forget last year’s one point? It doesn’t matter if you play like this now. You will use him out. The 76ers may lose on him. Last year’s 76ers played.

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