So last year this season is the same

NBA League sixth eighth ah, this achievement to get the first MVP in life also made us fall into glasses and many people feel very surprised, but the three said it is really difficult ah, scoring, Wang, family often three pairs called breaking the record.

Three double net 42 three double records ah can be said to be unprecedented, difficult, ah, I think to give young master Wei in the sentiment ah so last year this season is the same ah, although not to achieve the scoring king, but also achieved the three doubles of the field data remember that it is not wrong. Brush the last game of more than ten rebounds ah, this three pairs to brush out this year, the data is long-term, 24 points 20 rebounds, nine point several assists a look at the right words ah nine assists so I believe Ah Wei less brush brush. This assists should have no big problem.

Ah, reduce, own, score, or contribute to teammates by the number of shots. The main reason is whether the rebounds can be brushed in place. Of course, we have repeatedly emphasized that it is not derogatory, but only a neutral word. Then call to the present position.

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