The magic team and see if James is playing magic

I believe that the ability of contact is not very strong, right? But last year, we can say that at the key time of James last year, the ability of shooting, all kinds of shows show that James has already practiced in this aspect of shooting at this age.

Now, if we want to test this thing in the playoffs, we need to continue. For example, if we played well last year, if we didn’t play well this year, it can’t prove anything, right? So Tyson Chandler’s restriction on James is still quite huge. We can only say that James is not limited. Right? James has never been afraid. We say he is not afraid of teams with big centers. Don’t think that James is afraid of teams that have blocked me from the public. Just have a look at him.

For example, go to the magic team and see if James is playing magic Howard apahoward. It’s just parroting. Ah, there’s a saying, well said, the back is out of shape. Parroting is like this. Just look at James, who plays the magic team. You’ll know what kind of existence it is, right? Just play the Pacers team.

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