The third is the most important

Er, pay more effort, free throw. Well, you can practice more accurately. There’s nothing to say about other mistakes. I also said that young players can achieve it. This is a necessary process. You have to pay tuition fees. The third is the most important. In fact, it shouldn’t be placed in the third. Let’s talk about the first one. We said before, ah, the only problem of the Lakers is the three-point goal.

Today, I don’t know. I think harden watched 50 plus 30 pairs. It’s worth mentioning that the McGrady moment reappeared. He scored 9 points in 50 seconds. Well, extend it to the back. I scored several goals. When I scored the first three-point free throw, I remember only 37 points. After that, I cut 134 points and hit 50 points.

The last three-points were two three-points plus one three-point on the wall plus one three-point free throw basket and nine points. All of a sudden, I opened the score. 109-106 when the score immediately opened, ah, leading to more than two digits, why do we have to through the three-point difference of the Lakers to allude to the three-point three-point goal of the Rockets, ah, the three-point three-point.