This lineup really didn’t play enough in the playoffs

It was a game that used nearly 20 games to reach the eighth imaginable point in the West. There are too many numbers. Well, even though we won only two points today, it is also, uh, it is not playing very closely. It’s not going to be a winner, because, er, the pistons seem to be basically catching up. It’s going forward, and catching up is in pursuit of the wind. So, er, overall, I feel that they can still perform very well in the whole game. I’ve seen 19 kinds of missing 43 free throws, but what.

I still want to emphasize one point. This lineup really didn’t play enough in the playoffs. It’s hard to imagine that. You harden Paul, you often have to play like this. Especially harden today, harden is a table breaker. Although the shooting percentage is not high, it seems that only 50% shooting percentage is not high. That is to say, it’s not so surprising, but the free throw is 99 Kinds of 19A, which can be said to be extremely high. It’s not beyond that. Well, if you cut 32 points and 35 points today, it’s quite a lot. It’s very likely that you will lose the game.

If you lose two free throws, you may also be killed in the end and play overtime. Therefore, the Rockets’ current lineup and playing method are unscientific. Don’t think the Rockets are stable after winning so many games, but this game can directly reflect the current situation of the Rockets. At present, the problem is still quite huge. What’s the problem is that it’s very difficult for this lineup to play in the playoffs, ah, harden’s performance in the last few consecutive games is excellent, and kabela’s performance is also excellent. We’ve been saying, well, it’s hard for you to expect harden.

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